Spring Has Sprung: 5 Ways to be More Productive This Spring

Spring has sprung! The days are now longer, the nights are shorter, and the warmer weather makes for a burst of energy. The change in the season seems to boost our energy levels and get us off the couch. Productivity spikes and the longer days give us more time to invest in becoming a better self. 

Here are five ways I’m taking advantage of the increased energy levels and making springtime for a goal game-changing season.

1. Choose what is most important to accomplish that day
​A lot of being productive has to do with being confident in yourself. When you don’t feel like you are confident and able, not a lot of work gets done. Get over this thought or lie by setting one goal; one goal that if nothing else gets done that day but this one goal, it will be a productive day. I would start small. It may be making your bed, sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee, or as simple as putting a load of clothes into the washer. They may not seem big, but the more you grow in confidence within yourself, the bigger tasks you can add on. As you feel like you can  handle more, you can add more and more to your list.

 2. Find a Method of Delegating
You may be a very productive person, but don’t seem to be getting a lot done. Small tasks are getting in the way of big ones and by the end of the day the whole list still needs to get done. Learn how to delegate tasks to people who carry those giftings or are available. For example, If your kids don’t already have a chore list, maybe teaching them a few skills can relieve your worry of what is happening in the home base. If it is in a work environment, seek out a coworker that may have a strong suit in what you need done. Don’t hesitate to ask and offer your skills in return. If you can do one of their tasks in half the time, and they can do one of your tasks in half the time, you both have now cut time in half!

3. Find out your 2 Peak Hours
Are you a morning person or a night person? It’s about working smarter not harder. If you know that mornings are when you have the highest amount of energy, set a reminder to do your biggest tasks in the first few hours you are awake. Then as your energy levels fade throughout the day you have already accomplished what needs to be done. If it is reversed and you are a night owl, spend your day doing self-care and smaller tasks. Then when your energy levels peak in the evening dig into the bigger tasks that need to be accomplished. Knowing when you work best will help you accomplished more in your day.

4. Find time to exercise
Exercise switches your body to become alert. When you exercise, blood flow increases to the brain and sharpen your awareness. Exercise can also give you more energy. Having more energy will help you take action to accomplish the tasks that need to be done. Moving your body 45 minutes a day is recommended. Mantra Fitness it the perfect workout to hit cardio and strength all in one place. You are not needing to spend hours at a gym to get your heart rate up or move a bunch of weights around. You can simply show up, enjoy the amazing playlist, move your body and be out within an hour. Leaving, you will feel energized, strong and confident to tackle the rest of the day.

5.Stop and Reflect
Very often we have habits of how to do things. It may be the way your mom or dad taught you, you might have learned it in school, or it was even a way you tried once and it worked. But is it the most efficient way to do it? If a task is taking a long time or seems difficult to accomplish, reflect on how you are completing it. There may be a smarter not harder way to do so. There is all kind of gadgets out on the market that might be a great investment to ease what you need to do. For example, the robot vacuums. They clean your house while you are at work! Brilliant. There are also thousands of videos on Youtube that experts have made to make our lives simpler. Take a moment to search your task and see if there is a different way to complete it that would make your life more productive. 

The reason for being more productive is not to have more busy work to do. It is to free up your valuable time to do the things you love. Spend time with your family and friends, pick up a hobby, dive into the fitness family at Mantra, or even to really enjoy some quiet time. Spring into a season to make more time for you!

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