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How Trainer Sarah Prepares for Classes at Mantra Fitness Introduction Every great class starts with a prepared instructor. Today, we’re diving into the behind-the-scenes world of our very own Sa
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Introduction: In the realm of fitness, where trends come and go, Pilates stands out as a time-tested practice that continues to capture the hearts and minds of enthusiasts worldwide. Developed by Jose
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Avoiding Going Through the Motions in Pilates Class: How to Stay Present and Get the Most Out of Your Workout Pilates is more than just a workout—it’s a mind-body experience that requires focu
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How Often Should You Take Pilates Classes Each Week? Are you considering adding Mantra to your fitness routine but wondering how often you should attend classes? Finding the right balance is key to re
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In this episode of the Mantra Fitness Podcast, host Kathy Covington, founder of Mantra Fitness, welcomes Dr. Janell Ocampo, a board-certified family nurse practitioner, Galderma trainer, and founder o
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Understanding Pilates and the Pelvic Floor Pilates is a popular form of exercise that focuses on strengthening the body’s core muscles, improving flexibility, and enhancing overall body awarenes
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Managing Neck Pain in Pilates: Tips and Techniques Pilates is a fantastic way to strengthen and tone your body, but like any physical activity, it can sometimes lead to discomfort or injury, especiall
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Enhance Your Swing: The Benefits of Mantra Fitness for Golfers Golf is a sport that requires precision, flexibility, and strength. Pilates, with its focus on core strength, flexibility, and body aware
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The Benefits of Group Exercise Classes In recent years, group exercise classes have surged in popularity, and for good reason. These classes offer a range of benefits that go beyond just physical fitn
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Join Kathy Covington, founder of Mantra Fitness, as she engages in an insightful and exciting conversation with her son, Nick Maloy, a Porsche junior driver. They dive deep into the mental, physical,