Kathy Maloy, Founder/Owner
Kathy Maloy, Founder/Owner

Mantra was founded in 2012 by Kathy Maloy after she fell in love with an innovative new way of practicing pilates—it was truly love at first burn!

​Balancing her love of the West Coast of California with her family on the West Coast of Florida, Kathy opened the first Mantra location in Sarasota, Florida, in 2012.

Florida residents were thrilled with the innovative new approach to Pilates, which combines the holistic principle of Pilates along with cardio, strength training, balance, and flexibility.

Jeannie Abreu, Co-Owner
Jeannie Abreu, Co-Owner

When Tampa native and Pilates guru Jeannie Abreu met Kathy after a very sweaty Mantra session, a mutual love at first burn was shared.

​Jeannie instantly knew she wanted to be a part of this exciting revolutionary form of Pilates and soon after, both ladies joined forces and led the way for the second studio in Tampa, Florida, in 2014.

​In addition to their passion for fitness, Jeannie and Kathy would discover a deeper level of the connection between health and fitness: both had tested positive for the BRCA I gene mutation, and both were deeply inspired to share health and wellness with others, in a fun and inspiring

Bringing it back to where it all began –
After founder Kathy moved back to the West Coast of California, Mantra expanded into Orange County with studio #3 in San Juan Capistrano.

With the same valued commitment to customer
experience and innovative fitness, Mantra’s goal is to inspire our clients to live a healthy and balanced life through the efficacy of the Mantra workout. 
Core, Cardio, Strength Training, Balance, Flexibility, and
Positive mental health
​all in a 50-minute class!​