SimplyWellthy and Mantra OC Event

Mantra loves teaming up with other mover and shakers in our community. This last week we teamed up with Orange County, CA local Deanna Skolos, also known as Simply Wellthy,  to host our first ever event at our San Juan Capistrano Location. 

Deanna, started researching how food can help heal you after a visit to dentist and a big bill of $1300. Instead of giving in and having all of the procedures done, she started to look into how to reverse 

what was wrong by simply changing the products she used and the food she ate. The more she discovered, the more she was sold on the lifestyle of ” you are what you eat”. 

She wanted a lifestyle that would help prevent health problems, not cause them. This is where Simply Wellthy became her lifestyle. Eating healthy, made simply. Her site breaks down all the knowledge she has learned and studied, broken down for anyone to understand. The common questions of why eat this and don’t eat that answered for you. She is an example of what is looks like to be a busy mom and wife while still eating clean. ​

The Mantra Family was excited to show the Simply Wellthy crew what we have to offer. Many of the women attending the event had not been introduced to a Lagree workout before. This is where Whitney, Mantra Fitness OC instructor, was able to shine. She walked each girl through the new M3 machines and the basic dynamics of a Lagree workout. Then turned up the music and dove straight in. 

Her playlist kept the girls motivated while challenging any current members at the studio. Whitney, took her expertise and burned out those inner thighs. It was a great class that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Here are a few testimonies from the girls who attended. 

​”  I’m sore everywhere!!!! I really liked the work out. I liked how you did each pose just for a minute bc it didn’t feel hard at the time or repetitive. Kept it interesting. I really liked the machines. It mentally helped me to not feel like the workout was dragging on. It truly was a full body work out. It focused more on legs & butt which I liked. It worked my inner thighs like nothing else. The trainer was awesome. Loved the music. Super nice studio and friendly staff “- Deanna

” The studio was an incredible environment to work out in, great people, great instructors, and it was quite frankly the hardest workout I’ve ever done in my entire life.” – Madisen

“I absolutely loved the workout! The smaller movements really helped to hit the muscles that I don’t usually get. I also liked that is was a  full body workout. And the music and environment was so much fun!! 10/10 recommend and will personally be going back.” – Lindsey 

“Mantra was AMAZING! I had never taken a Pilates class and had no idea what to expect! To be honest, I had no clue that it was such a workout! The class itself was easy to follow along with and I LOVED the fun playlist! The day after going to Mantra I was so sore- EVERYWHERE! I didn’t even realize I was working some of the areas that I was sore in! I love that it’s a solid, FULL body workout, and I’ll definitely be going back.” – Melissa

We closed off the event with amazing Simply Wellthy treats and connections with all the new faces. Here at Mantra Fitness, we love to make our community feel like family. We are excited to be bringing in other health and wellness experts. At Mantra, we desire for you to be healthy in mind, body and soul. Can’t wait to see you at our next event! 

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