Simple Self-Care Ideas for Busy Moms

As Moms we’re busier than ever these days—working, planning, managing, and schlepping kids and jobs and errands and family. Where do we find a moment to ourselves…and what do we do when we get one??

Self-care is critical for everyone but especially for those who nurture others full time, like Moms. For Mother’s Day here’s a gift: simple and smart self-care ideas that will relax and restore us throughout the day:

BREATHE, REGROUP. Every day offers challenges, and some moments are worse than others. Before a stressful situation (interview, presentation, parent-teacher conference, etc.), take a couple of minutes to center yourself with deep-breathing exercises. Studies have shown that inhaling and exhaling, slowly and mindfully, can re-set and reduce stress levels through oxygen intake and focused activity. If you get more time, 30 minutes of meditation helps clear the chaos, too. The main thing is to stop and re-group. Deep-breathing, relaxing, slowing your pulse and your pace will work wonders. What’s more, a clear mind leads to better decision-making because you’re coming from a calmer, more positive place.

JUST MOVE IT. Physical activity is by far the best de-stressor there is, so when you can’t get to the gym, your five-mile run, or your Pilates class, just move it! Self-care is all about finding those moments throughout the day to make the most of what have, when you can. If that means walking to the store or, at least, parking a good distance away so you get a nice trek in, do it. Your brain and your body work together—a maxed-out mind needs movement so much more than a martini. Have the cocktail after.​SWEET DREAMS. Get enough sleep and the world is wonderful…right? Most of us don’t get adequate rest at night, and the lack of a good night’s sleep can negatively impact the next day. Figuring out the best time to get to bed means listening to your body and not pushing yourself past the point of exhaustion by trying to get every little thing done. A solid 7 to 9 hours of sleep is ideal, and putting yourself into a bedtime routine around the same time each night will set up an internal clock for your body—and your brain. That’s right, your brain needs rest, too, so put your phone away and get some zzzzzz’s 

TREAT YOURSELF. Treating yourself like the goddess you are and making room for those moments that mean something to you—that’s the essence of self-care. If there’s a fragrance you like, a meal that’s special, or a Netflix you’re all over, treat yourself! The incredible truth is that the happier you are as a Mom, the happier people will feel around you. If you’re always doing for others and not yourself, you’re not playing the game right—and you’ll never win.

​UNPLUG DAILY. We spend an inordinate amount of time on our phones and tablets every day, so it’s crucial to have quality, no-tech time with loved ones, and, even more importantly, with ourselves. The world is a beautiful place, best experienced live and connecting with it! Gardening, roaming, strolling by the sea—nature is the ultimate playground and not that difficult to find. Doing a creative activity like art or playing music also feeds your soul and guides your spirit to a happy place—it just does!

MIND OVER MUTTER. This could be the most significant aspect of self-care: how you talk to yourself. Do you take a negative approach to most things? Are you comparing yourself to others? Are you trying too hard to be perfect or have your kids be perfect? Are you saying kind and respectful things…to yourself??

When we are too hard on ourselves the message we send—and receive—is counter-productive. We don’t work faster or look better or are any more successful at an activity if we’re not enjoying our lives. In fact, all that negative self-talk creates more conflict, adding challenges we don’t need. How we feel about ourselves is in direct proportion to how we care about ourselves. What we think matters. Self-care is not a selfish luxury but a true reflection of our own value…and we’re worth it.

Being a Mom is rewarding, frightening, challenging, entertaining…work and more work. We never stop. We never want to! But taking time for ourselves where we can is critical to our physical and mental health. Motherhood is a crazy, amazing journey, and we need to remember ourselves the way we remember everything and everybody else, like other people’s birthdays and how much detergent to use, where the stapler went, the last time the dog got a bath, which kid is allergic to what… 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the busy, amazing Moms everywhere….and, don’t forget: self-care!!!

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