Megastar Makes the Cut at Mantra Grand Opening!

It’s ribbon cutting time at Mantra Fitness OC, and we’re so excited to welcome world-famous fitness founder Sebastien Lagree to our Grand Opening next month!! The legendary Lagree—who transformed the fitness industry with his Megaformer machine and Lagree Method of training—will share in the festivities and bring his own brand of health and wellness through tips, how-to’s, and special class activities. This amazing event will underscore why this French-American fitness phenom is the real deal: he understands body mechanics firsthand—what works and what won’t. ​

Too Much Too Soon 

Lagree has spent decades devoted to fitness and wellbeing, and is passionate about sharing the experience—both good and bad. An early start as a body builder quickly escalated into a nightmare, with an unhealthy obsession for exercise that dominated his life. Looking back, he realizes he spent his 20s over-exercising, strict dieting, and engaging in a hyper-regimented schedule, which included working out 40 hours a week, countless step-aerobics classes monthly, and hitting the gym three times per day. “My life was regimented from 5:30 AM until midnight,” Lagree says. “I was obsessed with bodybuilding and getting to the next repetition.” Not only was this lifestyle hard on his body, he was missing out on life: “It becomes unhealthy when you stop going out…when you start to analyze everything you do (and eat); that’s when you’re going too far.” Lagree’s intense training resulted in struggles with insomnia, overworked muscles, and back spasms. When an X-ray at his doctor’s office revealed the onset of a crossed spine from overexertion, Lagree stepped back and re-evaluated his life. “I started to rest and then I went to a nutritionist and he told me I needed to eat fat,” Lagree recalls, pointing to a dangerously lean diet which was compounding his poor health. “There was no fat in my system.” It was a wake-up call. 

The Key to Lagree 

The Lagree Method is a 50-minute combination resistance and cardio workout, focused on tightening, strengthening, and toning the body, with form and balance in mind. Spring-based equipment (the Megaformer) allows for training tailored to your range, which is a critical component to achieving results without injury. Using resistance in sequence, spaced with periods of zero gravity at peak muscle contraction, flexibility and strengthening occurs, along with natural muscle elongation. Often dubbed “the next evolution in physical fitness,” the Lagree Method’s innovative approach accomplishes maximum full-body conditioning at a low risk in a short amount of time. 


elongated muscles 
enhanced postural alignment 
increased mobility 
restoration of the body’s natural balance 
improved posture 

In addition, the Lagree Method has been shown to burn more calories by triggering the “post-cardio effect,” which results in a higher continuous rate of calories burned, making the Lagree Method the workout that keeps working! 

​​The Lagree Legacy 

Two decades later, with some 300 Lagree-licensed fitness studios across the globe, Lagree currently holds 66 patents in the science and technology field of fitness. The CEO/Founder/Inventor has recently become a filmmaker, too, presenting his documentary “The Future of Fitness,” which examines first-hand accounts of health and fitness throughout our nation. Next up, a new core-burning Supra 2.0 he’s developing…and more and more. For Lagree, it’s a world of updating, tweaking, refining, and finding ways to enhance his machines, aiming always for a “smart, efficient, smooth workout for the user.” Users are clearly happy, too, and their numbers reflect that—the Lagree Method continues to be one of the fastest growing fitness workouts in the industry. From celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, and Sofia Vergara, to countless clients worldwide—including the amazing OC Pilates bodies of our own community—we at Mantra OC embrace our hardcore workouts! What Joseph Pilates founded nearly 100 years ago, Sebastien Lagree has evolved into the perfect workout for our time. Thanks to Lagree’s vitality, vision, and his continued commitment towards innovative health and fitness, we can all benefit from the lasting legacy of Lagree. 

Meet the Man behind the Machine at Mantra OC!! Grand Opening Sept. 7, 10 AM-1 PM. Fitness Founder Sebastien Lagree joins our special event…attend a class, raffles, prizes, giveaways, braid bar, live DJ, and more…Mark your calendars; see you at Mantra!

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