Meet Mark McDevitt – Why Men Should Mega at Mantra!

1.How did you hear about Mantra? I had jogged by the studio many, many times on my daily runs/jogs … But things really changed when I met Danielle and Christina at a pop-up event at the Siesta Key Mother’s Day Race.

2.How long have you been coming to Mantra? 13 months
3. What were the reasons you chose to start coming here? I’ve always done a lot of cardio, but was looking for BETTER BALANCE and improved flexibility, stretching/lengthening, and a stronger core. 

4.What are the changes you’ve noticed mentally and physically since coming to Mantra? I feel better post workout, a stronger core and faster race times, not to mention an improvement in my overall level of PATIENCE, because Mantra has forced me to go SLOW. 

5. What was your fitness goal when you came to Mantra? I was looking for better BALANCE to my workouts and overall fitness routine. 

6. Have you reached that goal? Yes and no: I have more flexibility and a much stronger core, but I want to keep getting stronger. 

7. What methods of working out did you do before you came to Mantra? Running, Elliptical/Stairmaster/Bike, Orange Theory

8. What inspires you to come every day? A guarantee of being pushed and challenged.

9. What are your favorite things about Mantra? No two classes are the same! Great trainers/coaches and a fun atmosphere.

10. What’s your favorite mega move? My favorite moves are a Reverse Bear off the back of the machine, Nighthawk (best oblique move), and I “love to hate” the leg straps …. they “hurt so good.” 

11. What advice would you give to new clients who are just starting their journey at Mantra? Do what you can do, modify where you need to, and don’t give up: you will be surprised that you can push yourself further and harder. After all, you can do anything for 30 seconds to one minute! Keep coming back …. you will LOVE the results!!!

We recently interviewed Mark on our Instagram Channel. To watch Mark’s LIVE interview click below…

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