How to Hydrate Right and Age Less – the Real Dirt on Hydration

With warmer months ahead, it’s easy to remember to hydrate…because we’re HOT!! What we might forget for the rest of the year is just how crucial proper hydration is to our overall body function and skin care regimen. Simply put, dehydration ages you faster than hydration will.

But it’s not enough to just drink tons of water throughout the day (though that’s a great start), you have to make sure you are combining H20 intake with proper minerals and vitamins for maximum absorption.
​According to Dr. Stacey Shillington, MD, being well-hydrated on a cellular basis is key:
“If your mineral balance is off, chances are the water you drink gets eliminated almost immediately without going where it really needs to go: the cells of your body. Your cells remain dehydrated and filled with toxins.”

Shillington and other medical experts point to trace minerals as being critical in maximum hydration, benefiting your body at its basic, cellular level, where you will see and feel results.

But what are those “trace minerals” everyone keeps talking about? And where can I get them??

Rocks of Ages
Minerals are inorganic substances you’ll find in non-living environments, like water, rocks, or soil. Vitamins are considered organic compounds made by living organisms, such as plants and animals. The difference is that vitamins are great for helping your body run smoothly, but not all minerals are. The best minerals for overall health—and to help keep you hydrated and functioning—are these rock stars:

The Nine Fine Rock Stars of Trace Minerals:

  1. Zinc: Helps promote strong immune system and support normal growth and development. Also helps with your sense of smell and vision. Food sources: meat, beans, whole grains, spinach, or zinc supplements
  2. Iron: Vital for healthy blood, iron helps your red blood cells function and carry oxygen throughout your body, also assisting in removing the carbon dioxide. When you’re iron deficient you run the risk of getting anemia—not good. Food sources: red meat, egg yolks, spinach, artichokes, dried fruit. Supplements work.
  3. Copper: Helps us produce connective tissues and healthy bones, along with absorbing iron into our bodies. Deficiencies can lead to osteoporosis and other joint issues. Careful…too much copper can be poisonous, so limit your intake to 2 mg a day. Food sources: shellfish (lobster, crabs, oysters), and plants like kale and avocado, nuts, and seeds. Supplements that contain copper are perfect.
  4. Iodine: Helps promote healthy thyroid function and regulating growth and metabolism. Combined with potassium, iodine helps support your thyroid health. Too much or too little iodine can lead to hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, conditions that need to be monitored. Food sources: seafood and seaweed, potatoes, eggs, and milk.
  5. Selenium: For your heart. This anti-oxidant works to help ensure a healthy immune system and calibrates with the Vitamin E in your body. Food sources include cereals, meats, fish, and dairy, as well as legumes, fruits, vegetables, Brazil nuts. Supplements are good.
  6. Manganese: Supports our enzyme functions and helps our bodies absorb nutrients by also breaking down carbs and cholesterol. We need manganese for strong bones and joints. Food sources: spinach, kale, black tea, beans, seafood, whole wheat bread. Supplements work.
  7. Chromium: Helps regulate blood sugar levels and insulin. Food sources include broccoli, Brewer’s yeast, molasses, barley and oats, along with meat. Supplements work.
  8. Fluoride: The body needs small amounts to promote our bone formation along with strong teeth. It may or may not be part of your water system, but you will get fluoride in most toothpastes. 
  9. Molybdenum: For normal growth and development, molybdenum helps with enzymes in our bodies that break down proteins. Food sources: dairy, beans and legumes, dark green leafy vegetables, cereals, and nuts. You can also take a liquid supplement.​  

As with any new addition to your dietary routine, read labels carefully and follow dosing instructions. For all supplements (vitamins) you’ll take in combination with y
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Just think, all this time we’ve been drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day without fully reaping the rewards. Cheers to a better understanding of our bodies and what they need to keep us looking and feeling our best. Vitamins and minerals and water, rock on!!

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