Five New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Keep

We do this every year. Make a list of all the things we plan on changing, then a month (okay, a week) rolls by and we’ve forgotten everything. How about making a list with items we’ll actually keep??

​The key to keeping our Resolutions is in making them MORE about what we want and  LESS about what we don’t. If you focus on what’s positive it’s amazing how the negative just….drifts…away. It’s more-or-less perfect.


​A good night’s rest not only keeps you looking your best, but feeling your best, too. After 6-8 hours of quality sleep (optimum time) we feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the day. We’re more alert and less-prone to poor decision-making (diet/exercise/work/family/relationships) and empower ourselves to function at our top level.

Recent studies indicate a solid link between lack-of-sleep and mental and physical health: cognitive thinking is impacted, as well as putting us at greater risk for obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. What’s more, bedtime bliss does wonders for those fine lines furrowing your face–just be sure to sleep face up on your pillow, not buried under blankets or squished to the side.

This is an amazingly eazzzzzz’sy resolution to keep… just get enough sleep!!


Yes, you can and will lose weight this year by following one simple plan: Grazing. This means eating smaller mini-meals throughout the day instead of those traditional “three-squares”  that tend to be larger and heavier, leading to weight gain and storing unhealthy fat.

Grazing not only gives your body a chance to burn and refuel regularly throughout the day, but it works perfectly with our metabolism. When we keep our body’s sugar levels stable it naturally leads to less hunger, moodiness, fatigue–all those negative responses we get when we’re “dieting” or trying to cut back on foods.  Health experts also note improved immune systems, lower blood cholesterol and more maneagable hormone stress levels in patients who graze versus gorge.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a real New Year’s Resolution list without a “lose weight” item on it, right? Just think, if you follow this simple Eat More/Store Less plan now, next year you won’t even need it!!


If you think about it, there’s a lot of exercise we could be doing during the course of our day that we don’t even consider– walk to the store, bike to our office, run the dogs– etc.  If we really moved like that everyday, can you imagine the calories we’d burn just doing all the normal things we have to do, anyway??!

A lot. Unfortunately, a time crunch and a schedule and a car are hard to get away from for most of us, so while we can add those walks/runs/dancing moves into our activities, let’s focus on work outs that do more for us in less time:

Cardio – Any time your body’s in high motion (running, extreme training, court sports) and you get your heart rate up, you’re using optimum power for strength and burning calories. Depending on your program, you can achieve an intense work out in little time if you turn up reisistance and keep it challenging. (Example, go from 45 minutes to 60; add weights or distance, etc.) Of course, if adding time to an already packed schedule doesn’t work, try this next one….

Pilates Megaformer – This may sound like a commercial but it’s really an endorsement from someone who’s tried any and everything to burn-and-build my body without spending hours doing it. I can be lazy! The Megaformer works like a charm because it’s super-efficient, focusing on your core and developing strength and lean muscle without the endless repition other work outs demand (that often lead to injury, too). You feel the results and, better yet, you’ get to see them! This really is Mega-more in less time!!!


This should be a no-brainer, but let’s go over it one more time: Hydrate!!! When you keep your body hydrated throughout the day (H20) it will perform at its best and so will your brain. Every hour on the hour, take a sip or a slug of water–keep it going and you’ll be amazed at how refreshed you continue to feel, how your entire digestive and nervous system runs at top level.

When you’re out mixing it up at happy hour with your friends, have a cocktail! Just don’t forget to order a glass of water with every drink– it really aids in not only helping keep pace with your alcohol intake, but wards off dismal after-effects… like those pesky had-one-too-many hangovers we suffer once in a while.

If that doesn’t remind you, your appearance will– more water and less wine keeps you less puffy and more glowing everytime!!


We all have our issues–challenges we find difficult to deal with, deadlines impossible to meet. No one lives a completely stress-free life, no matter how happy they appear. The difference between those people who look burdened and those who don’t has everything to do with… attitude.

Are we grateful for all the amazing things in our lives? Do we feel blessed or do we feel bitter?
There are so many situations we cannot change, but the one thing we can change is how we choose to approach these events. Viewing the world as filled with opportunities for growth and improvement empowers us to live more meaningful lives in connection with our community. We naturally become less-stressed when we reach out to others or reach into ourselves, our hearts, and truly appreciate all the wonderful people and moments we share, every day.

More gratitude and less attitude is a resolution that will enhance every aspect of your life, not to mention your entire list of resolves. It costs nothing, no equipment needed, and will change your life. Always for the better!!

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Britta Wilder is a writer based in San Clemente. With a background in film and journalism, she is currently working on a novel. Along with her New Year’s resolutions.

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