The Many Benefits of Buddy Workouts



Solo workouts often feel like…work. You’re by yourself, earbuds in, and counting down the songs before you’re finally done. Classes can also make you feel awkward or overwhelmed—you don’t know anybody, you have trouble figuring it out, and you’re not even sure you want to come back.

Buddy Workouts are fast replacing solo workouts because working out with a buddy provides motivation, accountability, and, most of all, fun! Studies have shown that being part of a team helps to decrease anxiety and increase your potential for meeting challenges and achieving success. Your endorphins also kick in at a higher rate, too. 

You work out and perk out when you couple up, and here’s why:

  1. FUN. When you look forward to seeing your friend and working out together, you’re going to do it. Keeping it fun keeps it going! When we go it alone, we’re much more likely to find excuses for not maintaining our routine. Buddy-up with a friend who makes you laugh through the sweat and tears, and feel how much more fun a brutal workout can be when done together.
  2. ACCOUNTABILITY. When you want to waver, a good workout buddy has your number. Your buddy will keep you accountable and on track, like a coach, “You can do this!,” or a sponsor, “You can’t do that!,” which is why we want a workout buddy in the first place. When you take advantage of this great buddy system, where you’re giving and receiving, you discover what an amazing gift it truly is. Together you keep each other strong and on the same page, making progress and meeting your goals.
  3. CHALLENGING (EACH OTHER). A dream team works together as a unit, providing encouragement when you need it and kudos for a job well done. The best buddies know when it’s time to kick it up a step and challenge one another towards new and amazing goals. That’s when the fun really happens! Keep the pressure on, strive forward, and journey on to excellence as a team.
  4. MOTIVATION. We’re only human, which means there are times when we feel less than powerful, more like lazy…or sad. A good workout buddy knows better than to make us feel worse—he or she will know how to get us going, inch by inch, even when it seems impossible. Think about the times you’ve been alone and unhappy; then think about being unhappy when you’re with a friend. It never lasts. Let your workout buddy motivate you to act, no matter how small your action may be. Each step matters because you matter. And, like the best relationships, the encouragement and motivation is a two-way street: you encourage and motivate your buddy; your buddy encourages and motivates you.
  5. LONG-TERM COMMITMENT.  The relationship you always dreamed of may be the one that’s best for your body and mind, too. Buddy workouts are built on compatibility, a shared interest in physical fitness, and a commitment to overall health. What’s more, with the right partner you’re less likely to lose interest and quit.

6. REWARD. Workout buddies are constantly rewarded, with fitness, friendship, and a powerful sense of accomplishment. Through thick and thin, sun and rain, and wherever our bodies are at the moment, we feel the rewards of having kept to our programs and achieved our goals. A tight backside is one thing; a tight friendship is everything!

So where do you find this perfect partner? Is there a dating app “All Workout, No Play”? Or Here are some tips for finding the best workout buddy for you:

At the gym: There are tons of people working out alongside you at the gym or fitness center, and you see them every time you’re there. If they seem interested in the same equipment or share the same style of workout, be brave and strike up a conversation to see if you’re a match. You could also check with the trainer on site to see if there are members looking for workout buddies, because chances are good there are.

Classes: When you’re enrolled in a class, it’s a safe bet that the people there also enjoy Pilates, yoga, spin—whichever activity you’re already doing. For example, all classes at Mantra are great buddy workouts because it’s tough but also fun to share the burn and results as a team. Buddy-up for future classes together and before you know it you’re a workout duo!

Friends: You know who your friends are, so if you throw out a massive invite to work out the next day, don’t be surprised if only one or two agree to Lagree with you. It’s not personal; it’s who they are. Best to leave your bestie at home with her selfies and connect with a buddy who really wants the workout you do. Friends may still come around, but a workout buddy is in it for the long haul.

Online sites: There are workout sites available, but use caution when seeking out a buddy you’ve never met. Make sure any apps you use are pre-screened (check ratings) and offer details. If you don’t feel comfortable, honor your instincts and take a pass.

Colleagues: Mixing work with working out can be great or a total bust. Nothing is worse than having to see someone every day after a workout buddy disaster. Like any good office romance that hits the skids, it’s hard to share the microwave, let alone a boardroom, without misery. Think hard before entering this zone—your friends you can forgive because they love you; your boss, well, that’s another story.

Keep in mind that a workout buddy is for working out. Make sure you share the same interests and goals for achieving a healthy, positive, and successful workout experience. Your workout buddy doesn’t have to be your closest girlfriend but someone who respects your time and is equally dedicated to making it work. 

Of course, if that is your BFF, then go for it! Nothing beats hanging out with your bestie, unless, of course, you’re both getting fit at the same time! 

BUDDY-UP MANTRA STYLE!!! Our 30-Day Buddy Challenge kicks off January 15 and runs through February 14. Take 24 classes with your buddy and you both win our specially designed Mantra tank! You’ll also be entered to win a free month of classes, along with other fabulous prizes. Bring your sweetheart and get in shape, just in time for Valentine’s Day!!!


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