For this section of the onboarding, please go through these in order and read/watch the linked instructional articles & videos on how to use each respective platform.

Mariana Tek – (Studio Booking & Client Management Software)

    • Introduction to Mariana Tek
    • Front Desk Training Resources
      • This folder contains all training resources you will need to learn about Mariana Tek. Please read over the training outline first, then watch the training video in its entirety second. Don’t worry about clicking the links in the training outline, as those will take you the the corresponding support article. Simply read it over to familiarize yourself with the topics, as everything will be discussed in detail in the video.
    • Web Support 
      • This resource will have a plethora of how-to support documents. Please reference this first when you have any questions before reaching out to someone.

Deputy(Employee Scheduling + Time Clock Platform)


    • Schedules will be posted on every Wednesday for the following week.
    • Clock in on the iPads at the front desk.

Loyalsnap(For Managing & Communicating with Leads + Clients)

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