the workout

The innovative Megaformer™/Lagree Fitness® workout is unlike any other workout you have ever done - trust us! Expect 50-minutes of calorie-burning (up to 500-800 calories per session), muscle-quivering, shirt-drenching, total -body conditioning. Oh yeah - and sweat. Lot's of it.

Start with the lowi-impact, muscle-toning principles of Pilates, add elements of cardio, crank up the intensity to full blast, add some great music and you have the Lagree Fitness Method. Responsible for shaping celebrities and professional athletes worldwide, the secret sauce of Lagree Fitness is the state of the art Megaformer, created by fitness guru Sebastien Lagree.

The Megaformer provides an infinite amount of exercise options and encourages maximum exertion with zero periods of rest in order to promote effective muscle fatigue with no stress on the joints or spine. Our classes combine key components of physical fitness - strength, endurance cardio, balance, and flexibility training not only in one session, but in each and every exercise.

Slow-controlled movements, fast transitions from one exercise to the next, and effective intensity allow you to maintain an elevated heart rate and keep you in the fat burning zone for the full 50-minutes of class!

At the core of the Lagree training method is the Megaformer™, which represents a momentous evolution of the traditional Pilates reformer. The state of the art Megaformer™ provides constant resistance and infinitely more exercise options than a traditional reformer; it allows the body to shift smoothly and quickly from one exercise to another to get the blood pumping and maintain increased heart rate. All muscle groups, from big to small, are strengthened in a non-aggressive, no-impact manner making this workout as good for your muscles as it is for your joints. Your spine stays protected, your mind engaged, and your body pushed to its limits.

Lagree Fitness is the next generation of Fitness. There is nothing quite like it, and the incredible results you achieve will delight you. The heart pumping, muscle toning, total body workout is intense, but fun. Under the guidance of our Lagree Certified Instructors, it is one of the safest ways to achieve a full body workout, strengthen your muscles; and helping you achieve your optimal body composition.