private training

Privates are a wonderful thing. Whether for you or a group of friends, our Mega-Private room allows our trainers to really focus on you and what you’d like to get out of your workout. Although our group classes are Mega-awesome, sometimes it’s just nice to have things be all about you once in a while. But be careful, too many privates and you might start feeling entitled, like you’re maybe somehow better than everyone else. Then it’s time for a group class.

What to expect – based on your needs and goals
  • You can structure your privates however you choose, whether it’s for you or for you and a friend(s).
  • Improving your form, transition time, cardiovascular intensity, knowledge of the exercises or just preparing you for taking group classes without the intimidation factor.
  • Exclusive mega-private room
  • You choose a time that is convenient for you.
  • Request your favorite trainer or we can recommend one for you

To set up a mega-awesome private training session please call the studio 941-962-5870.