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All smiles and ready to dish out that perfect core intense workout, Christina is from the San Francisco Bay Area where she grew up participating and teaching fitness. She is a health and wellness fanatic
with and endless curiosity of people and the body. She posses a strong knowledge of body mechanics. Introduced to Pilates by a dancer client to help strengthen her core and save joints she fell in love with the low impact exercises. In addition to Lagree, she is a certified pilates instructor and barre fitness instructor.  After being introduced to Lagree Fitness in 2015 she quickly fell in love with the low impact high intensity workout and became an instructor. After giving birth to two beautiful girls in the past two years,  "I love that my body is stronger then ever and is getting stronger with every class."
Rachel is a certified Lagree Fitness Instructor and completed her training at the original Lagree Studio, Pilates Plus in West Hollywood, California. Rachel is dedicated to her clients. A Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, Rachel knows what it means to be committed to perfection! She inspires this same passion in her classes; helping her clients achieve the perfect body. Her infectious passion for fitness and perfection flow into every element of her workout. Members are sure to get a total body workout with precise instruction. With a passion for food (!), Rachel knows the importance of a great workout to stay healthy and fit! When she is not teaching Rachel can be seen playing with her two amazing boys Cole and Jack.
If you have been to Mantra before you will quickly recognize this blue eyed girl with a permanent smile on her face! You not only will see her at the desk but you can take her killer classes as well! Kirstie has been into group fitness her entire life. She started playing soccer when she was only 4 and continued to compete until she was in her teens.  After her dreams for a soccer career ended she decided to carry over her passion into group fitness and helping others. She obtained her certifications in Group Fitness and Aqua Fitness and immediately began teaching. After joining the Mantra Team she received her Lagree Certification in Los Angeles, California at the Lagree National Headquarters and was schooled by Sebastien Lagree, Master Trainer Jenn Yates and Piper Michelle. Kirstie is confident and gives her clients an intense, effective, and heart pumping class. When she is not teaching or helping others at Mantra, this amazing girl loves sharing her active lifestyle with her dogs, chillax'in and hanging out with her….oh, so….young friends. 
Stacy is a certified group fitness instructor and a Lagree Fitness Certified Instructor. She received her training at the original Lagree Studio in Hollywood, California. She has a major in Kinesiology from Kansas State University. Her great demeanor, soothing voice and extensive knowledge about the human body make her the ultimate Lagree Trainer! She is also a community coordinator for lululemon athletica and enjoys everything fitness from working out to fitness fashion.
A workout with Mona a.k.a. DJ Mona, can leave you laughing and crying at the same time. Her workouts are upbeat, challenging and fun. Her personality shines through in her teaching style and her 10 years of fitness instruction are evident in her total body workouts, that leave her clients coming back for more of her music thumping, highly energized, Megaformer workouts. Mona is a Lagree Certified Fitness Instructor, Group Fitness Certified Instructor, as well as a Spin Instructor. In her free time Mona enjoys working out and teaching fitness and spin. She also utilizes her fun loving attitude in her hobby as a Children's book author.
Whit is a certified personal trainer with an extensive background in fitness. Whit's calm demeanor and attention to form make him an excellent choice for anyone who wants a total body workout with lot's of motivation and personalized style instruction. Whit is a Lagree Certified fitness instructor and was trained my Master Trainer Piper Michele in the Tampa, Florida. Whit is an avid runner and spends his days off competing in road races with his lovely wife Courtney. He can also be spotted teaching at Orange Theory Fitness and tennis at the Field Club. 
Always in search of the ultimate workout she found Lagree Fitness while living in Southern California. “I was totally addicted after my first workout!” She decided to open Mantra in Sarasota and share what has become the number one Hollywood Celebrity workout with fellow Floridians. Kathy is a Lagree Certified Fitness Instructor and trained with Sebastien Lagree in LA at the original Lagree studio in West Hollywood. She gives a challenging workout with special emphasis on form. "I want my clients to get the best possible workout in the shortest amount of time." After moving back to Sarasota from Southern California, she was eager to share her love for the most innovative form of fitness. "I was addicted to the workout after my first class and what was even more impressive was the changes it made to my body and my athletic abilities. It was the first time I found a single class that could be so effective and yet so fun. The time just flew by which meant more time for me to get back outside and enjoy more time with my family and friends and doing the things I loved."  She has a B.A in Finance, and  M.B.A in Management Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship, from the University of South Florida. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, golfing, skiing, hiking, and traveling.
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