Trainer Spotlight with Mona

This month's Trainer Spotlight is on superstar Sarasota trainer Mona! Mona had been active in the fitness industry for over 10 years before finding Mantra and she was instantly intrigued by the method. She loves Mantra clients and the energy they bring to class every time they get on the Megaformer!

Favorite Lagree Exercise:
I love Teaser. Nothing gets my obliques better

Lagree Exercise You Have a Love/Hate Relationship With: Ugh, the Bungee! I get cranky just thinking about it (though it totally works). The only way I will do it if someone makes me!

How did you find Mantra? I saw an ad that Mantra owner Kathy posted. I was so intrigued by the workout. I had never heard of the Lagree method, but I was already active in the fitness industry (10 years) and I was curious about something new.

Favorite part of teaching: The people, the energy of the people, and the music! It's such an amazing experience when these 3 things come together in the right way.  As instructors, we have an opportunity to impact someone's life, even if it's just for that 1 hour.  Clients come to us for many different reasons but possibly that one hour class made their day a little brighter...being a part of that IS the best part!

Favorite “Cheat” Food: That's, thin crust cheesy pizza

Favorite “Healthy” Food: I love avocados!

Favorite Color: I love a good deep purple

Hometown: I was born in Berlin, Germany, but have been in the Sarasota for over 23 years...this is home.

Share something about yourself that we may not know: I self-published four children's audio stories geared towards children struggling with ADHD and sleep disturbance.

Favorite Song: I'm a big music junkie...this is too hard to answer

Favorite way to unwind: A pedicure or a nice meal and big glass of wine

Favorite Vacation Spot: Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia