Transformation Tuesday with ET


Are you ready to be blown away? ET has been coming to Mantra since August 2014 and his transformation is incredible. The physical changes are amazing and his story is so inspiring.

Read up and be inspired to challenge yourself and beat your own goals!

How did you find Mantra and what were your goals when you started?

My wife and I found Mantra through our superstar realtor. My first goal was pretty basic – do not fall off the machine!

What did you think when you first started classes?

OMG! This is amazing! I’m feeling muscles I never knew I had! I was immediately hooked by the challenge to get better.

For over a year I had to make adjustments in what I could do, but I kept getting better each time. I love the challenge!

How has your body changed since that first class?

Since my first class I have lost 75 pounds! The “before” picture above is actually after I had already lost 20 pounds so the physical change is even more dramatic than pictured. I’ve had to replace my wardrobe 4-5 times since that first class in 2014! My waist went from 43 inches to 30 inches. The only thing that still fits me are my shoes!

Besides the great physical transformation, my strength and flexibility have done a complete 180° change.

Mantra has been LIFE CHANGING for me: It has been a total body health package with the Megaformer workouts, nutrition classes and other programs the studio has provided.

I recently went for a massage and had never met the massage therapist before. Within 30 seconds she stopped and said, "your muscles are different! They're so limber, not tight. Most guys generally have tight, restrictive muscles. Yours are great and healthy!" I explained what I do at Mantra and that has to be the difference. Best part, she thought my muscles felt like they were in their early 40s!

Has it been tough to juggle multiple workouts into your already busy schedule?

I love it so much that I do 2 classes in 1 day if my schedule permits. Mantra is my #1 priority when I’m in town.

What is your best advice for others who are just starting out at Mantra?

Go at your own pace; listen to your body. Do not beat yourself up when you have trouble with a sequence/routine/exercise. I was guilty of this too many times. Be confident at your own pace and with modifications. It's not a competition! You're doing this for yourself!

Ask questions! Every instructor is very caring and will help you adjust. Ask the trainers how to adjust/modify until you can grow into the exercise. 

What has joining Mantra been like for you and what kind of support have you received both from your fellow Megaformer friends and the Mantra trainers/owners?

I’ve received over-the-top support! Every trainer is very supportive and encouraging. There were some amazing clients at my very first class who were so supportive and encouraged me to continue on and have continued to be just as supportive to this day. Rachel is always adding additional programs, like the Transformation/Nutrition Challenge, that help us all get better together. Stacy has been training me since the start and is always encouraging me to get better. The owners’ goal is clearly to help each person get better!

What to share your Transformation story? We'd love to hear it! Send an email to or let us know at the studio.