Saying No So You Can Say Yes


Guess what guys? You are enough. You are worthy. So we're going to talk about something that makes many of us feel uncomfortable or guilty - saying no. Sometimes we set ourselves up for failure by spreading ourselves too thin, trying to accomplish everything. 

You’re not Superwoman. You can and should say NO… Without guilt, without reasons, without attachment. Give yourself permission to let go of the unrealistic expectations you set for yourself.

By learning to say no, you can begin to fully say YES. Here's a few tips on how to say no without the guilt so that you can say YES to taking care of yourself.

Figure out what you're really saying "yes" to.
Many times when we are saying "no", we are actually saying "yes" to something that is good for us. Perhaps you've turned down a promotion or job offer because it required too much extra time. You were actually saying "yes" to so many things: more with your family; more time for your hobby; better work-life balance. Focus on what you're saying "yes" to, you'll feel so much less guilt about saying "no."

Resist the urge to apologize.
Admit, every time you go to say "no" to someone, you qualify it with an apology. “I’m sorry but …” You think that it sounds more polite. While politeness is important, apologizing just makes your "no" sound weak. It's okay to be firm and unapologetic about guarding your time. 

Stop being nice. 
As we said before, politeness is important, but you're only hurting yourself by saying yes all the time. When you continually say yes, people are going to continue taking advantage of your "niceness" and continue to take your time (or money). Stay firm in turning down requests that are not important to you. You're allowed to guard your time and money!

Give it some thought.
You don't have to give an answer right away. Next time you're asked to do something you're unsure of, feel free to say that you'll give it some thought and you'll get back to them. This gives you time to think it over, check your calendar, or check in with your spouse/family. After you've considered the request, you can then simply respond that you've given it some thought and you won't be able to help out at this time. Polite and concise. Simple.

Practice saying no.
It's like they say, practice makes perfect. Practice saying "no" as often as you can. It's a great way become more comfortable with saying the word. Sometimes repeating it is the only way to get through to some stubborn/persisten people. They'll get the message eventually. 

Don't get us wrong, we're big fans of saying yes. We just want you to say yes to the things that are important to you. Create room in your life. Some breathing space. Time for what’s most important - the things that you love, the people you love.

Then start saying YES to those things.