Trainer Spotlight with Casey

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We don't know about you, but April always has us thinking about all things fresh and new. So what better time to spotlight one of Tampa's new instructors?! This month we're shining the light on Casey. Mental health counselor by day, she believes that taking care of your physical health is a key component to maintaining a sound mind, and working towards your overall wellness.

Let's get to know Casey! 

How did you find Mantra?
I found Mantra out of pure luck while I was browsing the internet for Pilates classes in Tampa. Boy did I hit the goldmine with Mantra! The workouts are constantly challenging and the instructors are fun-loving and knowledgeable. I was hooked after my first class and knew that Mantra was a studio that I wanted to stay involved with. 

Favorite part of teaching: My favorite part of teaching at Mantra is sharing my passion for Lagree fitness with a bunch of driven people who have a similar interest as myself. I am so fortunate that I was given the opportunity to do something that I love every week!

Favorite Lagree Exercise: Single Leg Squat! The movement has the ability to hit deep into your hamstring, quad, and up into that glute. I watch myself execute the move in the mirror to make sure I am getting low enough and maintaining good form. 

Lagree Exercise You Have a Love/Hate Relationship With: Oof, Runner’s Lunge! Why does it always burn?! 

Favorite “Cheat” Food: M
y sister’s fresh-baked cookies or indulging in a decadent dessert with friends. 

Favorite “Healthy” Food: 
Being the pescatarian that I am, I love me some fish! Salmon, shrimp, stone crab, did I hear SUSHI?! Sweet potatoes are definitely a close second favorite though!

Favorite Color: 
YELLOW like the sun!

Favorite Sports Team: Auburn football (War Eagle!) hands down.

Favorite Song: California Dreaming—Arman Cekin

Favorite way to unwind: My go-to is to hit up a class at Mantra of course, but if I cannot squeeze that in, my second choice is to walk my two dogs on Bayshore and decompress. I have also been taking weekly guitar lessons to get in touch with my creative side and to learn how to express myself more artistically.

I grew up in Rumson, NJ which is a gorgeous town in Central Jersey on the shore.

Share something about yourself that we may not know: 
My inner thighs were super-hero strong even before Standing Inner Thighs… and I can thank my equestrian upbringing for that! I grew up riding competitively on the hunter/jumper circuit from ages 12-18. 

Beauty tip for the Mega-crew: 
As of lately I have been searching high and low for an all-natural deodorant that does not leave me offending friends and clients on and off of the Megaformer! I recently found what might be the answer! Tea tree oil! I dab that beautifully scented essential oil on every morning and it leaves me smelling fresh even after a mega sesh!