Fit Tip Friday: Lagree On The Go

Are you hitting the road for the holidays and just can't bear to go without your Lagree fix? Don't fret. We've got an easy, do-anywhere solution. All you need is a little space on the floor and a towel or paper plate!

Plank to Pike
We all know and (mostly) love Plank to Pike on the Megaformer:

Either on your hands or forearms, toes are on the carriage. Send the carriage out so that your body is in a straight line from the crown of your head to your heels. Shoulders stay over hands/elbows throughout. Glue your legs together, squeezing your glutes and pressing inner thighs together. Engage your core, drawing your navel up into your spine. Press away from your hands or forearms so that you're not sinking into your shoulders. Now use your abdominals to lift your hips into a pike position. Slowly and with control lower your body back into plank position, keeping tension in the abs at all times.

Now here's the version you can do anywhere on the floor. If you're on a tile/wood floor, grab and towel or two. If you're on carpet, paper plates work best but you can even use a magazine in a pinch. (We've used a magazine on hotel room carpet before, totally works.)

Exact same instructions apply on the floor. Hands are on the floor and toes are on the towel/plate. It's going to be a little more difficult to pike the hips up without the assistance of springs and but really engage those abs and you'll get it!

Bear is a great exercise that targets your abs, but it also works the triceps, shoulders and lats.

On the Megaformer place hands on the platform or rails, toes on carriage. Start with body in a plank position. Shoulders stay above hands and spine is parallel to the floor throughout the exercise. Bend at the hips and knees to draw the carriage in. Keeping spine stable, send the carriage back out by slowly extending the legs to full plank position.

For the travel-friendly version of Bear, grab a towel or paper plate like you did for Plank to Pike. Hands are on the floor with toes on a towel or plate. Start in a plank position. Engage the abs to bend the knees and draw them under your chest, sliding the toes along the floor. Then extend the legs straight to return to plank position.

Now get creative! There's a bunch moves you can do with just a towel/plate or other items you may be able to find. Pack a resistance band to add in some leg work. Wrap the resistance band above your knees and you can do some Standing Outer Thighs. Throw in some squats. Grab some 2-liter soda bottles to use as weights for your upper body or use the resistance band.

Share some of your ideas with us on our socials or in the comments below!