Transformation Tuesday with Elaine

Today we get to introduce you to Elaine. Elaine recently relocated to Tampa from Sarasota, where she was a regular on the Megaformer. Great news for our Tampa clients, Elaine is a Physical Therapist and is now taking clients in our back room.

As a Mantra devotee, she is familiar with the workout and can offer help with any nagging aches and pains you may have. We will also soon be offering workshops with Elaine to give you modifications and suggestions for your Mantra classes so that you can get the most our of your workouts even with injuries!

Read on to learn more about Elaine's Mantra experience.

What do you like most about Mantra?

Mantra is like no other workout I have even done in my life. It not only challenges your entire body physically, but also provides a mental challenge with fighting to keep that pose or move when all you want to do is rest. I am super excited to have found a workout that works the whole body, puts minimal stress on your joints, while focusing on core strength/stability and posture.

What's your best advice for others who are just starting to work out at Mantra?

My advice to others just starting at Mantra would be: do not be intimidated by the Megaformer, take your time, slow down, and do not be discouraged when you are only able to hold the positions a few seconds initially. The workout is for anyone at any fitness level with modifications to fit your needs.  I feel the classes never really get any easier, because as you get stronger, you are able to hold positions longer and do moves that initially seemed impossible to even try.  No class is ever the same!   

Tell us a little about your first few classes. How difficult did you find them? How far have you come since that first class?

The first few classes were beyond hard. I thought to myself “there is no way I would ever be able to complete a class without having to take breaks” but every class I felt a little stronger and after a few weeks completed a class...without taking breaks! I’ve been an avid runner my whole life and found Mantra to be exactly what was missing from my training program.

During my first class I was barely able to hold any position for more than a few seconds and after that class, could barely move for almost a week. I am now able to not only complete classes but challenge myself even more with some of the modifications the instructors provide.

Has it been tough to juggle multiple workouts into your already-busy schedule every week?

When I was training for my first marathon, Mantra was the perfect addition to my training program. I was running 4 days per week and doing Mantra 2-3  times per week, being in the best shape of my life. The combination allowed me to stay injury-free while running more efficiently and faster than before. With the wide range of class times, there is always time to fit a class into my busy schedule.

Why would you recommend Mantra to your patients and friends?

As a physical therapist, I value my health and try to “practice what I preach” when it comes to lifestyle, fitness and well-being. My approach to health care emphasizes patient's overall health and wellness and I look for a workout that is fun, challenging, safe, and has long-term potential. Mantra is all that and so much more. The workout consist of balance, strength, stability, flexibility and endurance and I would highly recommend Mantra to all my patients and friends.