Fit Tip Friday: Body Positivity


We love the way you work hard on the Megaformer, but we never want you to be hard on yourself. Be kind to yourself and take a lesson from some of our trainers on how they practice body positivity:

"I practice body positivity by being mindful of the mind chatter regarding my body image. The mind chatter can really get out of control if you don’t keep it in check…check yourself before you wreck yourself!  I do this by offsetting any sort of negative thought with two positive ones.  I like to remind myself how lucky I am to be so passionate about living a healthy lifestyle.  Lastly….BYE Scale….girl bye." - Lindsey, Tampa

"I practice body positivity by simply listening to my body. Since being pregnant I've definitely had a different outlook on my body. I workout when I have the energy and time, and I don't give myself a hard time if I don't get a workout in. I try to eat healthy most of the time because I know how it is to fuel your body with things that are nutritious rather then with garbage. I don't get on the scale much, but rather gage where I am by how my clothes fit and how I look in the mirror. I've learned to embrace my curves that my amazing pregnancy has given me and am grateful everyday that I am healthy inside and out and now have this incredible little boy in my life." -Jeannie, Tampa

"I practice body positivity by letting go of negative energy. It's all about who and what you surround yourself with. I try surrounding myself with very uplifting, positive people as well as people that enjoy and understand my goals and aspirations. It's rare to see someone in their early 20's pick work, working out, eating right and having a positive mind body connection over 'partying'. Chose people that will push you to do better things; not set you back. It's amazing how inspiring it is to let go of negative energy and focus on the positive. That's what honestly helps me the most; physically and mentally." - Danielle, Sarasota

"I remind myself daily that true beauty comes from within. I keep a gratitude journal and write in it daily to keep love and gratitude in my heart, and overcome the negative talk that can easily happen.  During stressful times I make a conscious effort to overcome negative thoughts and feeling by shifting the energy to a better place by focusing on the good; and finding gratitude within. By physically writing in a journal it helps me to imprint the good vibes! I also take a moment when I wake up and when I go to bed to ask for guidance and to be filled with love and light to share with others. 

Physically I enjoy a daily work out for good health and to get those great endorphins to kick in and give me that natural high!!! I also try to reconnect to nature and get outside for a walk or bike ride and see all the beauty around!" - Keri, Tampa

"I practice body positivity each day by reminding myself how fortunate I am to run with two good legs, to hug my baby with healthy arms, and knowing I can push myself physically beyond my mental limitations. I am grateful that even though I have asthma, I can breathe better by treating my body right from the foods I eat to the variety of exercises I can do and not dwelling on the ones I can't. I'm lucky to be chosen to inspire and lead others through their workouts to achieve an even better self." - Allie, Tampa

"I don't ever deprive myself from anything. If it means just having a bite of a cookie, or sharing a dessert, I am mindful of what I eat, that way I don't over indulge. I also think about what my body is getting out of what I am eating, if something is actually fuel or just a treat. I try and consume things that offer nourishment and minimize things that don't." - Nadine, Tampa