Transformation Tuesday with Emma

Emma found Mantra after a friend introduced her to Lagree Fitness in Colorado. It was love at first class!

This is Emma's fifth month with Mantra and she has seen amazing results, both physically and mentally. Read all about her Mantra journey in this week's Transformation Tuesday:

How did you find Mantra, and what were your goals when you first started working out here?

I held my breath when I Googled 'Lagree Fitness Sarasota' after the trip of a lifetime out west this summer -- where my friend introduced me to Lagree in Boulder, Colorado.

Initially, I was curious to see if I could fully participate in a class without stopping or compromising my breath/alignment and without being incredibly sore all over the next day.

What did you think when you first started taking classes?

"Wow." In a word. A humbling, yet therapeutic experience you need to experience yourself to understand. At the time I was like "what did I get myself into?!" And strangely, the soreness afterwards felt good and I felt more calm, focused and stronger (rather than drained or hyper).

How has your body changed?

My jeans are tighter now that my derriere is more lifted and full. I find this agreeable. My legs are so much stronger, balanced and thus grounded. I love going to music festivals and used to obsess about what I was going to wear ahead of time. Lately I put minimal effort into my outfits because I feel like everything looks good on me and I wear the clothes, the clothes don't wear me. I feel so strong!

What are your goals now?

I would like to be able to stay focused on breath count during class more, participate in the more challenging modifications offered and arrive earlier to class so I don't have to rush to put my socks on.

What is your best advice for others who are just starting to work out at Mantra?

Be gentle with yourself and smile. Slow and steady really wins, integrate it gradually into your life. Experience several classes with the same teacher at least 3 times. It just gets better and better.