Fit Tip Friday: Resisting Temptation


When you think about your goals—whether it’s to eat less processed foods, working out more, or actually get 8 hours of sleep - you probably think a strong willpower is how you make them happen. Turns out, there's something that's even more effective...

The real secret? Avoid that temptation altogether.

According to a recent study in Social Psychological and Personality Science, achieving your work and fitness goals is not about having super-human willpower. It's actually about avoiding temptation in the first place. 

“Against popular and scientific wisdom, effortful self-control did not appear to play a role in goal-pursuit, suggesting that the immediate positive consequences of exerting willpower do not translate into long-term goal success,” the researches concluded. “Our results suggest that the path to better self-regulation lies not in increasing self-control, but in removing the temptations available in our environments.”

In a nutshell, remove all of the temptation and distractions so you don't have to rely on self-control. Exerting willpower all day long is exhausting.

Don't even buy those Oreos. You know you're not going to just eat one - you're going to eat the entire row. (Or is that just me?) Leave the iPad out of the bedroom. Clear your desk of distractions when you're on a tight deadline.

You got this!