Transformation Tuesday with Kelly Lavieri


Happy Tuesday!

We are very excited to share with you today's Transformation Tuesday -- Kelly! We are lucky enough to have her as our health coach for our upcoming Body Transformation Challenge at our Sarasota Studio. More details are coming soon...but get excited to join us for six weeks towards a fit, lean & strong body!

Kelly has been in the women’s health and fitness industry for over 15 years, specifically working in women health and sports nutrition; she is also a board certified functional nutritionist and certified personal trainer.

In her practice, she works with clients that may have challenges from weight management to menopause and everything in between, as well as a personal and group training helping women and men to achieve their “Best Self”. Kelly believes that her background puts her in a blessed position to work with the women and men as the Coach for the 6 week Fit, Lean & Strong Body Transformation Program.

Kelly is just as excited as we are for the upcoming challenge...and we know she is looking forward to providing all of her knowledge and experience to all of us -- specifically our Sarasota Studio!

To our Sarasota family, we hope you decide to join us for the 6 week Fit, Lean & Strong Body Transformation Program to help you achieve your  health and wellness goals with Kelly!

Now, let's find out more about Kelly's experience with Mantra:

How did you find Mantra, and what were your goals when you first started working out here? A friend of mine, Christine Page was a member and said I should check it out.. I am a functional nutritionist and trainer working specifically with both women and athletes and I was looking for a workout that could be part of my triad of health…nutrition, strength training, mobility and flexibility, as well as fun.

What did you think when you first started taking classes? Funny thing…my first thought was “I thought my core was stronger!”. And the biggest change has been tighter butt and leaner legs!

What's your best advice for others who are just starting to work out at Mantra? My motto is consistency over perfection! Don’t worry if you don’t do every move right or every rep…just be consistent with you workouts…

Thinking back to your first couple workouts at Mantra, how difficult did you find them? The first few workouts surprised me, and I am fit. I love a challenge, and I wanted to really develop deep strength and with Mantra Fitness, you can do that. Strength training is my love, and it is truly one of the only ways to reshape your body, in my opinion. However, doing small intense controlled moves can help you get the deep strength that you need to assist you with functional fitness, that is why it is so great for many age groups and fitness levels.

What have been some of your biggest challenges along the way? The biggest challenge is not incorporating other body parts to assist in a move, such as in tensor, raising your hips, instead of pulling in with the legs.

Are there certain moves you find super difficult? I don’t find the moves super difficult, but it is the length of time that creates the intensity, “the burn” has been difficult. You have to find you focal point to focus on to keep going.

Has it been tough to juggle multiple workouts into your already-busy schedule every week? Yes, with my own personal and group training clients, my nutrition clients, and my own training schedule that includes both cardio, strength, track work, mobility and Mantra…it’s tough, but we need it all. You have to keep your heart healthy with cardio, you need weight training to stay active, and ward of sagging skin and you need Mantra for deep strength for both mobility and flexibility.

What has joining Mantra been like for you, and what kind of support have you received both from your fellow Megaformer friends and the Mantra trainers and owners? I love coming to class, everyone is supportive. I especially love that there is a wide age range and that you can work a level that is right for you.

How far have you come since that first class? I have definitely become stronger in many ways and I love the trainers motivating attitude. Mantra Fitness will continue to be part of my overall health triad and I encourage everyone to take their first class and ….”work it out”!

Thank you for sharing Kelly! As we said before, we are so excited for your to join us in our upcoming Body Transformation Challenge next month in Sarasota.

It seems fitting to end with Kelly's personal mantra...keep this in mind today: Personal. Positive. Powerful with Connection!