Better For You Carbs

better carbs

We don't know about you...but we have one, BIG question. Why do carbs have to be oh-so-tasty?! We know there is a good chance that you are on the same page as us for this one... But in the big picture, we have goals, we work hard, we are all making a conscious effort to eat clean & healthy. 

Today, on our Facebook page, we are sharing a bowl recipe of Sweet Potato Falafel & Jalapeño Ranch, thanks to Pinch of Yum. This got us thinking and we wanted to keep the theme going by sharing a couple of our secrets for healthy carbs and some replacements that will allow your meal to stay tasty!  

Healthy carbs to enjoy: 
= Sweet Potato
= Brown Rice
= Quinoa
= Nuts & Seeds
= Fruits

This for that...
= For taco night, exchange the tortillas for lettuce as your wrap.
= We love mashed potatoes, but save them for the holidays and enjoy mashed cauliflower.
= Craving chips covered in cheese, salsa & guacamole? Take some peppers, cut in thick slivers and covers with your toppings. 
= If lasagne is a favorite of your family, use thinly cut vegetables instead of the pasta. 

What is a carb replacement that you use daily?