Back to School Tips


Summer is coming to a close...

School is back in session, roads are busier and even more things are added to our schedules. And even though the kids may be back in school, it can make the day busier and life a little crazier! 

Here are a few tips to still make that workout happen as we all get back into the swing of things: 

Wake up early. No one is a true fan of an early alarm, but what a difference it can make! Getting up early and doing your workout before the hustle begins can be a sure way to make it happen. Good thing for those 6AM Mantra classes! 

Do a quick one. If you day is too crazy, improvise. A HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout can be as short as 15 minutes, or even done during the commercials of your favorite evening show. 

Workout with your kids. If that alarm turned to snooze...but dinner and homework is done, take it outside with the family! Take a walk, enjoy some catch outside, or even chase some Pokemon. 

Any other suggestions for us?