Getting in those Good Fats

good fats

If you're working hard on the megaformer, we know that you are focusing on the foods you are putting in your body. Now, we'd love to be -- but we're not specialists -- these are just some of our favorites for healthy, good fats.

Avocado. This one is a gimme! Toss them on a salad, make some guacamole, the ways to enjoy avocados are endless. We love to freeze them and add to our smoothies, so creamy! 

Nuts. An easy way to add some fat & good protein to your meals; add them to your yogurt or salad for some extra crunch. 

Seeds. Another easy additive to spice up your salads, breakfast or add to your smoothies. 

Olive Oil. Great for cooking in...dipping in...drizzling on your salad. Add some spices to it and you are set! 

Coconut. Another ingredient where the opportunities are endless. We love to add coconut oil to our morning smoothies and hydrate with coconut water post workout. 

Fatty Fish. Bring on the Omega-3's! Salmon and Tuna top the list for our picks! 

Organic Meats. Eating products that are organic are better for you -- simple as that. The less preservatives, fillers, etc allows you to take in the best. Of course this goes for meat too!

What is your favorite way to eat one of the treats above?