Easy Additives for Overnight Oats

overnight oats

Today, on our Tampa Facebook page, Jeannie shared a delicious overnight oats recipe. It got us thinking... We already know that Overnight Oats are tasty, nutritious and so easy to make! A few of the instructors make them for early morning class or even for the weekend. We wanted to share a few ingredients to throw in the mix for your health and taste: 

cinnamon: Not only is it tasty, but cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar, promotes a healthy heart and can also help decrease bad cholesterol. 

coconut oil: The reasons to have coconut oil daily are endless; it boosts your immune system, improves your energy, and even helps your hair & skin. 

nuts. A little crunch is always welcoming, plus an easy way to add flavor and some protein. 

your favorite protein powder. Obviously a great source of protein, but depending on your powder, you could also be adding an easy source of fiber and vitamins to your oats. 

What is your favorite thing to add to your overnight oats?