August Check-In Contest -- Get Ready!

You are getting a sneak peek today! This news isn't official until Sunday but because you're amazing and keep up to date on our blog too...

To close out the summer, we are excited to bring back another check-in contest for our studios! The Mantra Check-in Contest starts August 1st and will end August 31. Simply check in via Facebook or Instagram and use #MantraFitness in your post. *The hashtag is how we will find your check-ins, so do NOT forget to include it!

Remember, the more times you check-in, the greater your chances of winning!

And the prize you will be checking in for...

checkin prize

Your Summer Essentials pack will include: Mantra water bottle, towel & lip balm, plus a headband perfect for your time on the megaformer! 

So get ready! Get your booty to class and don't forget to check in!