Transformation Tuesday with Gretchen Schneider


This week we're sharing Gretchen's story -- we are so happy you joined us in Sarasota... and never left! 

How did you find Mantra and what were your goals when you first started here? 
I found Mantra through a Groupon for 3 classes. I had not worked out for two years following a minor car accident and neck surgery. When I was approved to start working out again, I just could not get back into it. I used to work out almost every day before the accident but nothing now seemed to interest me. In addition, the jumping around required for boxing type or other cardio classes bothered my neck. I tried Mantra and was hooked from the beginning. Initially my goals for Mantra was to get me back into a workout routine that I could then transfer that momentum to other types of classes and fitness activities. I like it so much I haven’t left! 

What did you think when you first started taking classes? 
I was surprised at how sore I was! But I have worked out enough to know that being sore was proof of how inactive I had been and how Mantra provided a whole body workout. Luckily the soreness went away as my body got used to the workout. 

How much weight have you lost and what else has changed? 
I did not lose weight until recently. My body changed even as my weight stayed the same. I lost inches and my clothes started fitting better. I noticed my muffin top is almost gone and my core is really tight. My arms have definition. Now that my body has more muscles I’ve started losing weight. Only about three or four pounds at this point. But I don’t mind what I see on the scale because I know most of that weight is now muscle weight and not fat! 

What are your goals now? I want to keep building strength and reduce the amount of body fat that I have. 

What’s your best advice for others who are just starting to work out at Mantra? Stick with it! If you go consistently you will see results.

Thank you for sharing Gretchen!