Summer Sun Tips


Happy Friday! 

We don't know about you, but we are excited for the weekend! And did you see The Mantra beverage recipe posted? Let us know if you know that this weekend. 

Since it is right in the middle of summer, what better time than to share a few of our tips for dealing with the hot, summer sun. *please note, we are not professionals, these are just a few tips to help keep your skin safe. 

spf. Yes, so simple! But for ladies, it is so easy to find a tinted moisturizer or regular moisturizer with SPF for daily wear. And guys -- it is out their for you too! 

cover up. We all love that bronzed look, but make sure not to get too much sun. If you are headed outside for the day, bring a light-weight long sleeve shirt and do not forget your hat. 

sunnies. Your eyes need protection too! Especially if you have lighter colored eyes -- but they need some love too with sunglasses. 

plan ahead. If you are heading out to a theme park or the beach of the day/weekend, plan ahead. Schedule things to do in shade or inside during the hottest part of the day, and bring an umbrella for the beach. 

Enjoy your weekend!