Friday Favorites with Rachel


Happy Friday!

And we are back at it with Friday Favorites -- this is our chance to spotlight a couple fun things about our amazing instructors.

This week we are putting the spotlight on Rachel from our Sarasota studio. She plays a BIG part in the operations of our Sarasota studio, and makes our clients shake, rattle & burn as well! 

favorite tunes. We all know that sometimes, the music can make or break our workout! Having the right beat, words or flow can push you more, bring on that smile, and even make the workout go by like a breeze! Lately, Rachel has loved adding Push It by Salt-N-Pepa and Cake by the Ocean by DNCE to her playlist.


favorite moves. Rachel loves Kneeling French Twist and Reverse Bear -- work it, work it! And...there is a new one in the mix, Night Hawk for Obliques! 

Do you share some of the same loves as Rachel? Make sure to check out the schedule for Sarasota so you can get some megaformer time with her.

Thanks for sharing Rachel!