Transformation Tuesday with Lori Presti


We are so excited for this week's Transformation Tuesday! Meet Lori from our Sarasota studio -- she participated in our recent National Mega Challenge -- check out her 30 day transformation! She shares more below, but she put in so much hard work and had some absolutely amazing results! Congratulations to Lori! 

How did you find Mantra, and what were your goals when you first started working out here?
I found out about Mantra SRQ through my friend, Stephanie Carroll, who had taken a few classes and thought I would like it. After taking a few classes, I was hooked!!! Addicted is a more accurate descriptor for how I felt about the workout. Initially, my goals were to find a workout that would supplement all of the other activities that I participate in (Golf, Run, Bike, Walk, Strength Training, etc).

What did you think when you first started taking classes?
When I first took a few classes, my core was on fire! I was sore in places that I didn't even know I had, not to mention the obvious: Glutes, hamstrings, quads, abs, and total upper body refinement.

How much weight have you lost, and what else has changed?
When I first joined Mantra SRQ, I really didn't target weight loss as much as I did in the past 7 weeks. I used the Megaformer™ Contest (May 2016) to motivate me to lose body fat and represent the studio for the national contest. I lost 13 pounds (almost 10% of my initial starting weight) and 5% of my body fat. I changed some key aspects of my diet (no gluten, no dairy, no processed foods, no alcohol, no caffeine, and tried not to eat past 6pm, which was the hardest part of the change). I added some extra cardio activities and made sure I used every minute in the studio to help keep me focused. Another major motivator was having friends to encourage me the entire month!

What are your goals now?
My goals are to maintain a healthy lifestyle overall. Mantra SRQ is the way I like to start my day most mornings! It fires up my day! And whether I fill the rest of my day with golf, biking, walking, yard and house work, or just hanging out and reading, I know that I took care of my body first! The rest is icing on the cake!

What's your best advice for others who are just starting to work out at Mantra?
My best advice to new folks is to modify the workout the first couple of weeks of attendance. Push yourself but be smart. Listen to your body! We have the best trainers that help everyone at every level. Form is key so be sure you keep good form. If you are unsure, our trainers (and our members) will help be sure you get the most out of the workout. And stick with it! Don't give up! Push yourself out of your comfort zone. The Megaformer™ workout is much different than going to a gym. For me, it's like going to a personal trainer that will you help strengthen your entire body in a small class format.

I would be remiss if I didn't add that the people that are the Mantra SRQ Community are a great group of men and women, who support and genuinely care about each other and love to work out together! We challenge each other and the trainers to get the most out of our time in the studio. And a lot of us have become great friends as a result of our time at Mantra SRQ!

Thanks again to Lori for sharing your story and again, we are so proud of you for all of your hard work!