Little Things to Increase Your 'Happy'

mantra happy

As we said on Monday, our hearts are with those in Orlando -- we are still sending thoughts & prayers to Orlando and all those impacted.

During the week, it got us thinking, what were little ways to bump up our spirit? Keep that positive vibe going for our classes? Increase our 'happy'?

Here are a few, simple things we came up with:

take time for yourself. Sounds so simple, but really makes a difference! Especially for those of us that are go-go-go, taking 10 minutes to relax can be a big deal. Sneak away and listen to your favorite music, grab even more time and take a relaxing batch, or find some shade outside and catch up on your current read.

spend time with those you love. There are endless ways to make this one happen... grab a meal, take a walk, play a game, just sit & chat.

give back. We have always found that helping others warms the heart. Volunteer, donate your time to a local event, or even visit an animal shelter and give some puppy love (if you want walk away without a new 4-legged friend!)

Challenge yourself and try one of these this weekend -- Happy Friday!