Tips for Your First Mantra Class


We have all been there before -- the first class. 

Maybe we do not know anyone.

Maybe the class is waaaaay out of your comfort zone.

Or maybe you are pumped up to try something new!

Regardless of how you feel beforehand -- or what first class you are about to undertake, here are a few tips to tackling that first one.

1. Go with an open mind.
Remember you will be taking in a lot of new information. Not only are you being introduced to a new machine, but also the use of new muscles, new adjustments to common moves. Plus, at Mantra, we are going to keep an eye out for you and give some verbal advice or tweaks throughout class because form is key!

2. Leave it at the door -- be humble.
New classes, new machines & new instructors can be intimidating. But don't be afraid to ask for help. At Mantra, your instructor will give a rundown of the reformer, but ask those questions. And as for modifications, get 'em! Your body will thank you and those modifications will enable you to see how beneficial & awesome Pilates can be for everyone.

3. Be prepared!
Sounds silly, but mentally prepare for simple exercises with a new twist; physically prepare for the class, make sure your outfit is functional and your body is just feeling good that day; bring your basics: water, towel, and most studios require toe socks (check with your local studio first); and be ready to sweat!