Transformation Tuesday with Liz Cotner

Happy Tuesday!

Jumping right into Transformation Tuesday -- we are excited to share with you Liz from our Sarasota studio. She has had quite the transformation with Mantra and we are so proud of her hard work!


1. How long have you been working at Mantra 
I have been enjoying working out at Mantra since May 4th 2016 

2. How did you hear about Mantra? 
I attended a Junior League of Sarasota Social event on April 27th 2016 and had an all-around amazing experience. The trainer and Rachel had made me feel incredibly welcomed along with winning the private Mantra party for 14 friends. From this experience, I decided to sign up for a month unlimited from May 4th-June 4th and became hooked instantly. 

3. What significant changes have you noticed since starting mantra? 
*Physical-physically I have lost 23 pounds in the last 2 months, 1 of those months have included working out at Mantra 3x a week. I feel physically stronger, leaner and more fit. Another huge difference from attending Mantra sessions is that I can run longer distances on the weekends; for example, I use to be only able to run 2 or 3 miles and get tired easily; now when I run on the track, I can easily go 4 miles without stopping and without any ailments. In photos, I have noticed my leg muscles and that is sexy! 
*Mentally-because I work in HR and many times HR professionals experience burn out, Mantra has really come into play with allowing me to release high levels of work stress and re-adjust my thoughts. On a personal level, I have noticed an increase in overall happiness and generally feeling much calmer after every class. 
*Spiritually-after a full month of Mantra, I noticed the feeling that my mind and soul started to open up; it’s a feeling that I cannot explain but I could feel that the universe is moving me into a new world of fitness and overall well-being. I feel more connected with my body and understand its mechanisms (how far I can and cannot push myself, where I want to go and how I am going to get there). 
*Community-Whether it’s a small or large class, I enjoy meeting new friends at Mantra and bringing new friends with me. I post about Mantra on Facebook/Instagram and Snapchat and quite a few individuals approach me to learn more, which I then become extremely excited to share more! 

4. What are some of your favorite hobbies? 
Zumba, Mantra, Running, Hiking, Biking, Reading novels, Junior League of Sarasota, spending quality time with my husband and stepson, traveling and speaking for Delta Sigma Pi, reading about Human Resources, listening to new music, and making new memories with my best friends. 

5. How has Mantra changed your life? 
It has been my “go-to” for de-stressing from work, re-energizing my body, learning more about lagree fitness and overall meets my health and wellness goals. Did I mention how much FUN it is? It’s my place of peace too. I become so excited when I arrive, leave and speak about Mantra!

Doesn't she look amazing! Liz, we are so lucky to have you a part of the Mantra family -- thank you for sharing with us!