Transformation Tuesday with Alison Dillon

Happy Tuesday! We hope your week is starting out awesome -- despite that crazy rain & wind from the tropical storm. 

We are very excited for this weeks' Transformation Tuesday; one of our own, new instructor Alison from our Tampa studio is sharing her story today. You can visit her AM classes in Tampa every Monday, Friday & Saturday. 


1. When did you take your first Mantra class? 
I took my first class at Mantra in August 2015 after recovering from a broken ankle. I was hooked immediately. Before Mantra, I struggled to find a workout I enjoyed but now I look forward to every class. I fell in love not only with the workout, but the community of supportive clients and instructors. I saw changes in my body that no other workout had ever given me, and the changes came quickly!

2. Now you are an instructor yourself! What fueled that decision? 
I loved and believed in it so much that I decided to go through teacher training. If you know me at all, you know that this was a huge step. I was terrified. At first I had zero expectation of ever teaching a class, I simply wanted to learn. The thought of getting in front of a group of people and teaching a class gave me the sweats (and not the good Megaformer-induced kind). During training I realized that I wanted to share my enthusiasm for Mantra with others.

3. Now that you are teaching weekly, how is it?
Teaching has been amazing. I get so much energy from clients while teaching. It’s incredible to see the effort and focus from them and also to see them get stronger with each class. I spend a lot of time putting together routines and playlists because I want clients to have a fun and effective experience each and every time. I’ve learned so much from the other teachers and love getting feedback from clients to help me become a better instructor. It’s so much fun to be able to be both a student and a teacher in such a supportive community!

First off, congrats on your recent certification! And thank you so much for sharing, Alison! The Tampa Studio is lucky to have you!