Transformation Tuesday with Michelle Perrone

We hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and are tackling this Tuesday -- even though it does feel a little like a Monday! 

This week, we're honored to showcase Michelle from our Sarasota studio; she shares with us a little about her and her love for her Mantra family! 

michelle mantra_copy

1. How long have you been working out at Mantra?
I have been working out at mantra since it first opened! I have loved it from day one. And what I love is it never gets easier - no matter how strong I get, it challenges me.

2. How did you hear about Mantra?
I received a flyer in a fundraiser goody bag and I was so sore after the first class that I knew it had to be effective.

3. What significant changes have you noticed since starting Mantra?
I was so excited about Mantra that I brought my daughter. She loved it and she decided to open a studio in Palm Beach. She is now getting ready to open her 3rd one! So....Mantra changed my life in the way that it took my daughter away and made her so successful, that she will never come back! But that is because her clients love it too! But seriously, I have met some of the women who have become my very closest friends at Mantra. One of those close friends is Rachel Hautamaki, who happens to be one of the trainers. Last November I had extensive bilateral foot surgery, which made working out of any kind extremely difficult. Rachel, besides being a friend that anyone would feel so lucky to have, is also an amazing trainer who helped me through private sessions tailored to my limited capabilities. Once I was able to rejoin the group classes, all of the trainers have been great with offering modifications when I need them. It is so important to me to stay fit so that I will always be able to do the things I love, such as paddle-boarding and hiking. I have hiked Iceland and Patagonia with some of the incredible women I have met at Mantra.  With the help of Rachel and Mantra, I hope to hike Norway with them next year as a celebration of coming through this foot surgery and being able to keep in shape all the while.

Can we get a virtual high-five for Michelle for bouncing back full force after her foot surgery! We are so proud of you and it such a treat having you in our classes! Thank you for sharing your story Michelle!