Enjoy that Next Workout to the Fullest!

next workout

So many aspects can put a kink in our workouts -- here are a couple tips for making that next next workout one of your best. 

do not compare yourself to others. In a small class, mirrors all around -- it is hard not to gaze around, check out your neighbor's form or her cute, new leggings. Just remember, your workout time is a date with yourself -- to destress, get a good sweat in, focus on you. Put your blinders on, focus on the instructor's words and make those moves count. 

bring a friend. Yes, we want you to focus in class, but we know its nice to have a buddy too! Having a friend to workout with amps up the accountability and can even make both of you a little more comfortable in a tough class. 

mix it up. Yes, we love seeing you on the megaformer, but do not be afraid to mix it up too! Take a short run, bike ride with the kids, om it out in the park. Your body will welcome some new movement. 

What else would you do to enjoy that next workout even more?