Tips for Making that Workout HAPPEN!

workout happen

Everyday is different -- some mornings we wake up ready and raring to go, others we end up pressing the snooze button 20 times! Whatever the case may be, some days we need that extra push -- that extra accountability -- which is why we are sharing a few of our tips to make that workout happen.

the week before...
Make it a habit; the same day every week, sit down and plan your workouts; schedule them in advance if you can, write them in your planner, post them on your calendar. *hint hint, your megaformer!

Have that awesome friend who joins you in your sweat sessions? Tag them too! The planning ahead and accountability of a friend is a sure way to get yourself to the studio/gym/the streets! 

the night before...
Set your alarms...maybe a few of them! We find that changing the tunes of the alarm can help, since your brain isn't used to it. Plus, moving your phone away from your sleep area and placing your alarm far enough away so that you have to get up to turn it off are also easy steps to getting up at the first alarm.

Set your clothes out -- so easy, so simple -- no decisions for the morning, your outfit is ready to go!

after success...
Treat yourself! Early morning workouts allow you to enjoy your evenings, grab a movie, enjoy catching up with a friend -- you name it. We always feel so accomplished post morning workout! 

We know there are so many other ways to make an AM workout happen -- what do you do?