Sidekick Challenge 2016


Are you ready for another challenge?! 

The Sidekick Challenge is coming your way and starting soon! Here are the details: 

1. The challenge starts Wednesday, June 1st; deadline to register is Tuesday, May 31st. So....
2. Pick a buddy! You and your friend (only 2 per team) must complete a total of 26 classes in the month of June. Each team member MUST check-in at the desk on arrival and verify check in on Facebook in order to receive credit.
3. Once you pick your buddy, email us at with the following: *Your name, *your buddy's name, and studio location. No buddy, no problem! We will match you with another member if you'd like to participate. 
4. After the month is completed, and if your team completed your 26 classes, you will be entered to win a One-Month Free Membership and receive a tank special for the challenge! 
5. For this challenge, you will need your own Facebook account to participate.

What are you waiting for?? Grab your Sidekick, email us your info and let's get started! Remember, you have until Tuesday, May 31st to send us your info. Any questions, check with your local studio or shoot us an email.