catch those zzz's...


We know, we know -- so much easier said than done! 

But sleep is so important; not just to muster it up for the next day, but for our brains, our bodies, our recovery! Here are a few simple tips to get that beauty rest. 

drink plenty of water during the day -- and whole foods. Obviously this will make your body happy, digestion easy, and less stress on your body while it is in recovery mode while you are sleeping. 

put the phone away. far, far away. This one can be so tough! Sometimes scrolling is how we wind down -- or wake up; it can be our alarm clock; or you just wanna have it near us! If you it away from you while catching those zzz's and that crazy glare will not be a temptation in the middle of the night or any time you are in bed. 

work it out. Now, this one is a gimme! We all know that a great sweat session during the day can help our bodies ease into a slumber at night. 

your environment. Yes, this sounds a little silly, but make sure you are comfortable! Is the temperature good -- not too hot and not too cold? How about your bed & bedding, is it supportive and what your body needs? Even what you wear to bed can make a difference! 

Was there something we missed?
What is a trick of yours to get those zzz's?