Transformation Tuesday with Kim Wyar

Happy Tuesday!

Hope your week is starting out on the megaformer ;)

This week we get to showcase Kim Wyar from our Sarasota studio; she shared with us that she used to only do cardio, but once she tried Mantra -- she was hooked!

kim mantra

1. How long have you been working out at Mantra?
Two years and nine months to be exact!

2. How did you hear about Mantra?
A friend of mine lives in Thousand Oaks, CA and was telling me about her workout, she suggested to look up Lagree Fitness in my area -- and there was Mantra!

3. What significant changes have you noticed since starting Mantra?
Since working out at Mantra, my body fat has dropped significantly (approx 8%) and my clothes fit better. Mantra is a place to go that is relaxing (once you have finished) yet challenging each and every time. There is no such thing as an easy workout at Mantra. I love the people I work out with, and many have become very close friends. Mantra is like a family, even if you don't go for a while, the minute you come back, everyone treats you the same, just like family! It's a great feeling to always be welcomed each and every time I'm there. The staff always has a smile on their faces, a positive attitude and are continually pumping up everyone's self esteem, regardless of activity level. I cannot imagine not having my Mantra family by my side!

4. What are some of your favorite hobbies?
I have 16 year old twins (girl & boy), so all of my hobbies revolve around them. My daughter loves going to concerts, so I travel all around taking her and her friends to concerts near and far. When I'm not with my kids, I love to travel, paddle board, cook and enjoy the outdoors.

5. How has Mantra changed your life?
I have met some amazing people who challenge me, motivate me and keep me accountable to my routine. This has helped me keep myself on track and if I slip up, my Mantra family are the first people helping me to get back to a healthy lifestyle.

Kim, thank you SO MUCH for sharing! We love having you in our family too!