Keeping YOUrself Motivated

mantra motivate

The sun isn't even up yet and your alarm goes off...

Busy day ahead, workout scheduled, back to back meetings... Sound familiar?

With the daily hustle, it can be easy to lose that motivation the keeps us movin' & groovin'; here are a few ways we keep ourselves focused:

  • Schedule your workouts; we like to sit down on Sunday evening & plan when we can visit the Megaformer and join a friend for spin
  • Speaking of friends, workout with them too! Plan to grab a small bite or a coffee post sweat sesh too.
  • Have an early morning workout? Lay your clothes the night before, get your water/breakfast ready, set everything up so you can be speedy and out the door.
  • We chatted about goals here, so don't forget to make them! Another way to make goals work for you -- set monthly or yearly goals to work towards, but set weekly goals to crush!
  • We have said it before, get that cute water bottle, keep yourself hydrated.
  • Put out public reinforcements! Have a planner you use everyday?--add your favorite motivational quote. Your bathroom mirror--add a sticky note with positivity.

How do you keep yourself motivated?