Transformation Tuesday with Rachael Mitchell

Happy Tuesday! We hope your week has started out peachy. And have you planned your Mantra workouts for the week?

Meet Rachael! We are lucky enough to showcase her this week for our Transformation Tuesday from our Tampa studio. 


1. When did you start working out at Mantra
April of 2015, so I've been here for a year! 

2. What keeps you inspired?
The changes that I am seeing, and it is ALWAYS challenging. 

3. What are the biggest changes in you?
Strength and definition

4. How do you maintain a healthy diet?
Balance and lots of vegetables

5. Outside of Mantra, what are your favorite hobbies?
Hanging with my husband & kids, plus being outside and I love boating. 

Thank you Rachael for sharing your story with us!

If you would like to be showcased, please reach out to your Mantra staff and we will be happy to share your story too!