A Blogger's Review with Caitlyn

Hello! Caitlyn here, and Mantra allowed me to take over the blog today and share a little about what I love about the workout. I break a sweat at the lovely studio in Tampa and want to share with you five reasons why it is the perfect workout for me. 


low impact. Thanks to the, The Megaformer ™, Mantra allows you to workout every part of your body without any impact on your joints, knees, you name it! Although this humbling machine does look intimidating (#keepingitreal), it is quite a dear that allows for small, tiny movements. The low impact moves is one of the main reasons that my body loved Mantra classes. As a runner, my joints were screaming for a strong, yet easy workout on my body and Mantra delivered. Lagree Fitness allows you to strengthen your core, continue to build strong leg muscles, and get in a challenging workout.

small classes. I went to University of Tampa for small classes — same reason I love going to more intimate workout classes. Exercising with the correct form is an important aspect of any workout and receiving one-on-one attention for direction with The Megaformer ™ was welcomed.

great cross training workout. Back to chatting about runners… Cross training is vital regardless of your fitness passion — it is important to work other muscles and give your ‘fitness passion’ muscles a break. Although you are only using two pieces of equipment, The Megaformer ™ & your body, Mantra is an overall body workout; glutes, thighs, hammies, calves, arms, shoulders, core…you get the picture. Throw in a focus on balance with slow, tiny moves utilizing your equipment at hand — Mantra enables you to tone, tighten & strengthen your entire body; essentially making it a top choice for cross training.

small moves equal big results. As an INSANITY instructor, I have the need for speed; sloooowing down and concentrating on small movements & tiny pulses is like throwing me into a different dimension. it.is.tough. But, those little moves are the secret sauce of Mantra; I won’t give away more of their secrets… But #keepingitreal, I have weight to lose and since taking only five classes, I am already starting to see my obliques again — calling that a win!

…the extras. You can experience Mantra for yourself in Tampa & Sarasota; memberships are available, but you can drop in for a class too. Make sure to bring your H2O, towel and grip socks, which can be purchased in the studio. The classes are 50 minutes and you can expect to burn between 500-800 calories. And…if you love Mantra, you can even get certified yourself — check their Facebook for details.


Why do you love Mantra?

And you can find my full review HERE