Transformation Tuesday with Dr. Robert Holcomb

Happy Tuesday!

Here at Mantra, we are excited to rejuvenate our member spotlight by showcasing their hard work each Tuesday, as Testimonial Tuesday. This week, all eyes are on Dr. Robert Holcomb from our Sarasota studio, he is quite the advocate for Mantra and our megaformer!


1. How long have you been working out at Mantra?

Last month was my two year anniversary. I try to work out every day.

2. How did you hear about Mantra?
My wife heard about it at Yoga Shack. I was looking for an exercise regimen that would keep me challenged on a daily basis. Ellen had already been to Mantra and told me about it and it sounded good, so we went together, and I was really impressed with the total body workout. We decided to attend every day and the commitment has really paid off with huge changes in my body and my health. I used to run long distance but had to stop because of the impact on my knees and hips. The megaformer is great because it is zero impact and you can get a workout that’s comparable to running, swimming or any other high intensity sport in just 45 minutes. The workout is so enjoyable every day because of our great teachers who consistently bring all their skill and positive energy every single day regardless of how they may be feeling personally or what kind of day they are having. They always give us their all.

3. What changes have you seen in your body since starting working out at Mantra?
The greatest change is in body musculature and weight loss. I’ve lost well over 60 lbs. I just feel much younger and better all the time – more energy and I sleep better too. It’s also given me better balance which is really important. I really think Mantra has extended my life.

4. What are some of your favorite hobbies?
I don’t know where to start. My favorite hobby is being with Ellen and having a blast every day.

I’m a retired physician and an inventor. I play guitar, write songs, I do oil paintings, I love to bake and cook, I love walking - around town, over nature trails, the beach, I could go on and on – I just love life.

5. How has Mantra changed your life?
Mantra has allowed me to get my body in much, much better condition and it’s been a long time. I’ve lost significant amounts of weight, improved strength, balance, tone and overall sense of well being. I feel that it certainly is allowing me to extend my life significantly. It gives me an opportunity to work out with Ellen every day. Working out together is a big plus.

In closing, I hope that the Mantra studio continues to exist and give so many people the opportunity to improve their health and well being. I would recommend to men that the Mantra workout is far superior to anything I’ve tried. I’ve done a lot of running, swimming, working out in gyms, martial arts, and I feel that none of them are comparable to the workout and the results that I get at Mantra.

A special thanks to Robert for sharing -- and CONGRATS! We're grateful to have you and proud of your hard work & weight loss! If you would like to be showcased, please reach out to your Mantra staff and we will be happy to share your story too!