We are excited to host the Beat Gypsy!

When: October 9th
Where: Mantra Tampa
Time: 1-6pm
Cost: $190

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The Rhythm Revolution Experience is the ONLY comprehensive musicality teacher training in the industry today. We address the crucial and often underestimated elements of musical theory, current music trends, playlist construction and appropriate application. We provide instructors with the right tools so that they are able to completely understand what it means to lead a class on beat and navigate through today's vast musical options with ease.
The RR graduates will leave this training with a new found sense of tuning into their own unique beat and consistently deliver one of a kind, authentic experiences that commands a loyal following and changes lives. AFAA Accredited 4.5 CEU'S

This 5 hour course covers the following:

The scientific research behind music and physical movement.
The importance of creating VIBE.
What beat, tempo and rhythm really look like in class and the importance of each.
Different beats within a song and how they relate to the “heartbeat” of your class.
How to identify song structures, their parts and how they apply to creating profiles with ease.
The sometimes distinct and subtle differences of today’s evolved music genres and how they apply specifically to certain drills and/or exercises.
How and WHERE to really tune in and discover the freshest music around.
How to efficiently CUE on time and in the right places.
How to effectively construct format specific playlists that flow, make sense and deliver authentic experiences.